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Here you will find a collection of articles and thoughts on Wedding Video Production written byus. Enjoy looking back at past films and hearing about each couples wedding day and how their film is uniquely them.

Chelsea & Michael’s Luxury Eagles Nest Wedding Video

The Eagles Nest is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in New Zealand. The incredible views out to the surrounding bays, islands and oceans is one in a million. We always enjoy being contacted to produce wedding videos in beautiful luxury locations and the biggest villa named Rahimoana is no exception. It features 300 degree views a 44 acre private headland, 25m infinity pool and private chief to name a few. What better place for a wedding!?

Chelsea and Michael decided to have their wedding with friends and family in New Zealand and after a hunt chose the beautiful Eagles Nest. We packed all our wedding video gear and made the journey up from Auckland. The weather proved a bit of a challenge as the ceremony was set to start when it began to rain. The groom and guests were patiently waiting underneath a very beautiful designed wedding arch lined with stunning white orchids [Flowers by Blush] while we waited for the MC and bride to determine where we would commence. Since all the guests had traveled far and wide, we were able to delay the ceremony to see if the rain would soon pass. The call was made moments later to move the arch to the patio terrace alongside the infinity pool, where the wedding ceremony began. 

Following the ceremony we wandered down to the Russell, Bay of Islands waterfront to take some location photos and videos along the wharf with the bridal party. We walked along the beach in front of the famous wedding venue The Duke of Marlborough Hotel entertaining the tourists and the local residents. Chelsea & Michael preferred to spend only a small amount of time away from guests so we soon returned to the wedding reception to record the speeches and watch their beautiful first dance lead us into an evening full of live music and dancing!

We hope you enjoy their wedding video!

Eve&Joe: The Wedding Of Our Dreams

Watch Eve & Joe's Extended Wedding Video from Rarotonga!

I couldn't sum up this wedding better than in the words of Eve to their guests, "Thanks for helping us and being apart of the wedding of our dreams"

It was really exciting to receive an email in the middle of winter enquiring to whether we were available to film a wedding in the Cook Islands. Eve shared her vision for the wedding day and we talked through about which video package would be the best for them. In the end we decided on the Feature Film editing package and the PUREwhite cinematographer coverage, this allowed for a 15 minute edit of the video and two cinematographers. The guests were all set to arrive on the island about three days before the wedding and the couple had prepared lots of activities for them. We were set to arrive two days before the wedding so we could cover a number of the activities, we started at the Muri Beach Night Markets where the islanders sell their local produce and food. It's a great experience as the food is really cheap with a number of healthy options as well as homemade ice cream! The next day was both the boys stag party and the hens party. We filmed the boys first as they prepared for a quad bike tour across the island with Coconut Tours and then the girls on the beach as they had Cook Island dancing and drumming lessons. 

The next day the bride and groom organised a group activities for themselves and all the wedding guests to go on an evening lagoon cruise. The boats had glass bottoms so we were able to see the fish swimming around underneath. The local tour guides played instruments, sang and cooked us fresh fish on a small island as everyone sunbathed and went snorkeling. Some of the fish we swam with can be seen in the video! It was such a beautiful and still evening that we were able to fly our drone over the island for some pre wedding coverage of the surrounding area. The water looks so much bluer from up in the air!

Wedding day arrived which was taking place at Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa. Eve and Joe both had their hair and makeup done [Yes he did! Although it’s probably not what you think – see the video to find out!] The bridesmaid walked down the isle and Eve followed in a traditional cook island canoe. The ceremony was set on the beach in the white sand with the guests sitting under some coconut trees for shade. After the ceremony Eve & Joe planted a baby coconut tree and the local photographer took us to some stunning spots for the location photos. The wedding reception was a buffet style, set in a white marquee just back from the ocean and had heaps of fresh fish and local vegetables to eat. Following the speeches Moana the MC and a friend of Eve had organised all the guests to preform a surprise dance for the bride and groom. It was amazing and I still can't believe that she managed to get that may people from different parts of the world all to learn something over the internet and keep it a secret!

In the words of the Father of the Bride, we were so thankful to be apart of Eve and Joe's wedding video on the"Special, exotic, [and] romantic island of Rarotonga"

Dylan & Andrea: Bethell’s Beach Highlights

We have been excited for a while to write about this fantastic wedding that took place in Auckland on the 9th of Jan 2016. 

Now that its winter it's always nice to look back on such a stunning day. It was one of those settings which is beautiful from the beginning. As we drove out early to meet the girls as they were getting ready, the sun was rising over a dewy feeling morning as we wound along the road towards Bethell's Beach. The girls had rented a cute wee house over looking Bethell's Beach below [see beginning of video for the view!] We had allowed a lot of time to make sure we could capture all that was happening so it was very relaxed and low key, shooting when the moments appeared.

Dylan soon showed up for their first look which we set with the huge view behind them. Next we headed to the ceremony and reception location which took place at Cassels. Cassels is a beautful venue that has just had some life breathed back into it making it an exciting and new place to be married. It has wonderful indoor, outdoor flow with wet weather outdoor options as well set in well established and sheltered trees. Guests arrived and were welcomed by wedding celebrant Yogamani [we loved the moments as the bridesmaids and bride make their way down the tree covered path!] Lots of hugs and kisses followed and we were whisked back to Bethells Beach to capture the last rays of sun on the beach and water front. We had perfect light for about 30 minutes which we made good use of and then it was back to the reception for speeches and the first dance.

After they watched their wedding highlights video we got the following email:

"We can't stop watching our highlights video either! It makes us smile every single time – you and Jolyon did an amazing job. Thank you again! We will check the post every day [until the full verisons arrive] :)"

We love the final product and both Jolyon and I had a fantastic day along side the couple.

Sindy & Trent: Bora Bora, Tahiti

Its not often that an unbelievable email comes through asking if you would go to an exotic location like Bora Bora in Tahiti to film a wedding, so when it does I tend to take things with a slight grain of salt!

Now wedding film making has taken me to the Pacific Islands, Australia, Europe (I'm yet to go to America…..anyone….please?) and of course all over New Zealand but to get asked to go to Bora Bora, a place I was certain only existed in our dreams, was kind of unbelievable.  Of course when the email from Trent came through I replied with excitement and hope!!  It would be simply incredible to go to Bora Bora to shoot Trent and Sindy's Wedding.

When I did'nt hear back for a few days I had more or less given it away as too good to be true, but then an email came through that Yes he and Sindy would love me to go to Bora Bora to capture their wedding for them.  There was only one small caveat:  "There are only 6 of us in the party".  Oh!  Ok! So it was a small wedding, that made sense as the travel factor would have played a big part in that! So how could we turn Trent and Sindy's wedding into a complete wedding film?

It was then that Traditional Style Wedding Film got thrown out the door and in came a "Travel/Holiday/Wedding Film".

So with a little more back and forth on the email front it was all arranged (By the way the intital email only came three weeks prior to their wedding date) and I boarded a flight from Auckland to Papaete on the Friday and transferred to Bora Bora.  To my sheer delight Bora Bora was everything it was cracked up to be, it was simply stunning and unbelievable at the same time.  I was transported to the Intercontinental Hotel Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa and put up in an exquisite over water Bure.  

Now I'd never met Trent & Sindy and had no idea what they even looked like but it did not take long for them to spot me with my camera in hand and I soon met two of the most relaxed and fun people ever.  I was introduced to the "Wedding Party"  Trents Parents, Brother and Sindy's best friend and before too long (with cocktail in hand which they made absolutely sure I had plenty of inspite of my protestations of wanting to keep the camera straight and in focus!! LOL) I set about filming their Holiday/Wedding.

That first day was about relaxation, spa's, beach time, Sting Ray feeding (OMG! Amazing!!) and dinner that night all of which I covered.

The Saturday was the big day.  In France, we were in French Polynesia after all, you first have to go to the Community Court House to have your nuptuals confirmed or ratified by the towns Mayor.  So an early morning boat trip ensued to the main island across the lagoon.  

On return to the Resort we all began the waiting game for the afternoons Polynesian Wedding Ceremony in the small onsite Chapel.  Typically I shot the boys and girls pre wedding preparations before moving to the chapel in preparation for the ceremony.  The ceremony was an intimate and gorgeous affair with the sun shining in the Chapel and the Bora Bora mountain behind.

The evenings dinner was quiet and intimate before I retired to my Bure for the night after a long but stunning day.

The next day, Sunday, there was a fishing trip scheduled to relax and hopefully catch our lunch.  Not much lunch was caught but the encounter with Migrating Wales and Dolphins was something never to be forgotten.

With my job done and the footage in the bag it was now time for a little down time before my flight out of Bora Bora.  I had a few hours to enjoy another cocktail and the resorts pool before I left.

Thanks to Trent and Sindy I had been absolutely spoiled for 3 days, it was hard work, but somehow hard work in an environment like that just does not equate and it really felt like a long weekend in paradise doing what I love! Trent and Sindy and the family were all so accomodating and friendly and I was made to feel like one of the guests, included in everything and able to enjoy my time filming their Holiday/Wedding and everything that went along with it.

Bora Bora is Paradise on Earth, no question in my mind about that and what a treat it was to be able to go there for Trent and Sindy.  

In the final washup of post production I created a full length Wedding Feature Film (Below) and a Highlight Film (Above) for shorter attention spans.  Theirs is a very cool story, a different story and a wonderful look back at a wonderful holiday and a beautiful wedding.

Thank you Sindy and Trent for something I will never forget.


Sarah & Rob: Team Love!

Sarah's a Kiwi and Rob's an Aussie!!  Normally thats a recipe for competition and sparring but Sarah & Rob have combined to create Team Love!!

And what a way to describe two of the happiest, most positive, friendliest people you could ever hope to meet!

I first met Sarah over coffee down in Mission Bay and was immediately taken by her warm and friendly nature and bubbly personality.  This was going to be a fun day!  So prior to the wedding we all caught up for a prewedding drink followed by a short "engagement" style shoot down at St Heliers on Auckland's waterfront.  Anyone who knows Auckland's waterfront knows how gorgeous it is here during the long summer evenings.  But that came second to the warmth and love of these two.  They just oozed gorgeousness and we were all laughing that night as we shot the prewedding footage.

Come the Saturday the weather turned on a cracker.  It was hot! So starting at the girls it was just constant laughter and funtimes.  Of course Sarah is a gorgeous woman so shooting her getting ready was very very easy. Priscilla, my second shooter joined the boys in the buildup and with Rob being a personal trainer, exercise was bound to happen! and sure enough out came the handstand pressups and pullups etc.

Out at Abbeyville Estate for the ceremony guests gathered under the large tree and took Pollaroid photos and sipped on lemonade as they waited for the bride to arrive.  And of course when she did gasps rang through them all.

Walking down the isle was particularly special for Sarah as her dad has suffered from illness several times and on both occasions she thought he might not make it to walk her down the isle.  Well he did and that special moment is etched on everyone's memory from their wedding day.

With the reception following some heartfelt speeches were given and there was plenty of laughter as there had been all day long, but it was their first dance that really stole show, not only for its elegance and beauty but for the connection you can clearly see between these two.  Hence it features early on in their film.

And come the end of the night on bidding Sarah and Rob farewell Sarah jumped at me with a full on bear hug!! Now ive got to say that it's the first time I've been jumped on as a thankyou by one of our brides, but then according to Sarah's friends and family, her Hugs are the stuff of LEGEND!! I can now certainly agree with that!

Here is what Sarah said on seeing her Highlight film above for the first time "Rob and I are both in tears!!! That was absolutely beautiful and we couldn't be happier. The most cherished keepsake we have (apart from each other!). We are just speechless."  Nice!  What a pleasure this was to film.  Sometimes I pinch myself at being able to be at peoples special day and then being entrusted to create for them a timeless and beautiful keepsake film.  This was one of those days!


Photography by Jody at I Do Photography

Sarah's Dress by Vera Wang

Venue:  Abbeyville Estate

Celebrant:  Rochelle Fleming


Nicola & Richard: The Tagistons

Nicola & Richard:  The Tagistons

In over twelve years of filming weddings I’ve seen brides and grooms take each others names for a double barrelled surname or the bride follows the age old tradition of taking her husbands last name. Nicola & Richard are different. Both of them have strong beliefs in equality in their relationship and in life, and so they decided to combine not only their lives in marriage but also their surnames. What they came up with was Tagiston, a clever combination of their maiden surnames that reflects not only who they are but also the formation of a new family. 

Both Nicola and Richard are meticulous planners who put an amazing amount of effort into everything they do.  And their wedding day was simply the pinnacle of this meticulous planning.  A terrific example of this planning and indeed creativity was their design and development of a pop out cardboard Pah Homestead paper model for their invitation.

With their Ceremony and Reception held at Pah Homestead on the lawn out the back and their reception in the Marquee beside, everything was in one place making for a relaxing day for them and their guests.

However the day started with a first look, and we simply LOVE First Looks.  So after filming the girls getting ready we headed to Eden Gardens at the base of Mt Eden.  Now Nicola and Richard are both nutters for reality Television, especially The Bachelor, and so Richard had presented a card to Nicola inviting her to meet him in a “nice dress” at 1:00pm.

Richard waited there with a Red Rose, just as in the TV programme, as Nicola approached to tap him on the shoulder.

There really is no need to say anymore other than this day had it all, sentimentality with Nicola's Grandmother composing and reading a poem for them both during the ceremony, beautiful words spoken to each other, fun at the first look and photoshoot, and emotion and love during the reception in so many more ways than usual.  

Their film is one that is full of sentimentality, love and laughter.  Enjoy!

Its Summertime!!!!

Summertime!!! and that means BBQs, Beaches, Bach’s & of course Wedding season!!

And whilst its all about Weddings & Love & Romance one of the great things about working in the Wedding industry is the people I’ve met & the friends I‘ve made. Working with these fantastic people is an absolute pleasure, so when I was asked by Gayle at My Wedding Magazine to shoot a Behind The Scenes Fashion Shoot with Chris from Dillon Photography and Nicki Turner from Nicki Collett Makeup and Hair I simply jumped at the chance.

This Summer shoot took us to a place I had never been before, Hamiltons Gap, SouthWest of Auckland. Well what an AMAZING spot! Its got the Wild West Coast look about it with a slightly tamer feel to the likes of Muriwai or Piha and provided us with a simply stunning variety of backdrops and locations in which to shoot.

Hamiltons Gap Chris had ambitious plans for this shoot!! The goal was to obviously make the most of the setting and the Gowns our model Claire was wearing yet adding Balloons and a Parachute, yes I did say Parachute to the mix made us all wonder?? And i'm not talking a modern day lightweight polyester parachute, I’m talking about a WW2 Paratrooper Air Force Parachute made of calico!! In other words a Parachute that weighs a tonne (or close to it!!!)

So Chris set out to contrast the elegance of the wedding Gown, the beauty of Claire and the Wild west coast with ………….. a parachute?? HUH? Really! Ok lets do it! …….. and this is the result!!

MWM Autumn 2103-151

I always admire people with vision, and in this Image Chris’s vision is truly amazing! The video above goes some way to illustrate the process of getting this parachute to look like it does, but only tells half the story. It took all of us, me included to get this shot and the moment right. The weight of the chute is nothing compared to when it fills with wind and wants to drag you onto the rocks behind. Poor Claire could barely handle the weight so it called on some ingenutiy to ensure she, and the Parachute, stayed where they were supposed to. So I downed camera, crouched into a ball and hid behind Claire’s dress holding the Parachute ropes in place with Claire, hoping like anything that Chris would get “the SHOT”. Well I think you will agree he more than got “the SHOT”. In fact i’d personally say its one of my favourite fashion shots ever. The way the water in the foreground creeps into view as if approaching to wash the scene away, and the Parachute not only captures the wind but also the light of the sunset. Claire, somehow, holds a gorgeous, almost effortless pose making holding the chute look easy. There are many “Wild” elements in the picture yet there is a calmness and beauty that contrasts this beautifully!!

And what about those Balloons? Well these were certainly easier to handle and added a real “cute” factor to the shoot along with a little “rustic” feel once we got up into the sand dunes as the sun set and the light began to fade.


If you know the west coast of the Auckland area you will know how wild the weather can be, how windy it can get and how challenging the conditions can be even if you're only trying to sunbathe, let alone conduct a Fashion Photoshoot!! But the Day turned it on perfectly, Sunlight, enough wind to fill a parachute without taking us to the Coromandel by mistake, warm and glowing light, a sunset, calm seas, a beautiful model and a simply amazing team and a heck of a lot of fun!!

Aroha Nui



Highlights Of Our Past Wedding Season

It’s November!!! WOW!! Where did the year go?? And as the new wedding season is fast approaching I felt it was a good time to recap on last year’s wedding season and wedding films.

Last year was one of the busiest seasons I have had in years, for many reasons but not least of which was the destination weddings we were asked to film.  Whilst most of my work revolves around Auckland this last wedding season took us up to the far north on no less than 3 occasions.

First there was this absolutely classical beauty of Sarah & Al’s wedding in the historical town of Russell.  I will always remember this wedding for the simply stunning locations and private property we were privileged to film in.  It was a simply beautiful day about a couple who have been together “forever” and will be into the future.

“The Next Chapter” presents a beatiful location, a beautiful couple and a beautiful story of love and togetherness.


The next wedding up north saw us cross the sea to Paihia for Kelly and Paul’s wedding day.  This was a day of fun and friendship, a day to enjoy the wonders of family and friends.  


And finally one of the highlights of the season for me personally was Lisa & Dan’s typical Kiwi beach wedding.  The presence of Jandals, 4WDs, Cricket Bats and Balls and of course, Heineken, show how typically down to earth these guys are.  But their day was one that was filled with genuine love and hope for the future.  

“Every Single Day” is a story of being in love, remaining in love, and loving each other each and every day.  It is a beautiful mix of stunning locations, beautiful people, relaxed and sincere words and …… well…… Jandal’s and Cricket bats!!! What more could you want!!!


So whilst Northland provided the backdrop for these three stunning weekends, Auckland typically turned on some simply stunning films as well.

I have never before seen The Auckland Museum dressed like this, and in Laura and Tims wedding film “FAB:MMM” you will see something stunning that these guys put together with the help of Wedding Planner Extraordinaire Gayle Garmez.

“But”, you might ask, “What on earth does FAB:MMM mean?”.  Well to answer that you will need to watch the film.  I must say that this was one of the best FOB speeches I have ever heard (A little hint in there for you too!!!!)  Enjoy.


It was also a spectacular summer weather wise, and whilst the farmers may not agree, having all that beautiful fine weather made my job that much more enjoyable and certainly made for some stunning cinematography.

In Rajiv and Pratiksha’s wedding film “100 Candles” the scene was set with a beautiful day on Auckland’s Waterfront.  Nothing beats the Waterfront on a day like this and this season there were many of them.  But what captured my imagination about these two was the wonderful engagement story they shared during their ceremony.


And finally just to show that the weather really does not matter a jot when it comes to a wedding and being in love, Em & Reggies film is one of my favourites from last season.

Presented with a beautifully styled reception venue incorporating a rustic style which included an old fashioned Typewriter, we were able to fashion and include a series of live action titles to assist with the story and to really personalise this truly unique wedding film.

Love & Sociology is a beautiful story of a couple who fell in love and the film captures a stunning day on one of the few wet days this summer in Auckland.  


Well that's a quick recap of the last season as the new season approaches.  This time around its only 15 Weddings as my maximum so I can continue to create stunning works of art for my couples and their families.

A big thank you to all my couples, for your patience and support over the last year or so.  Its been pleasure producing these films and I cannot wait to get stuck in to this seasons films soon too.

Aroha nui

Same Sex Weddings


It was a momentous achievement for same sex couples to finally have their relationships acknowledge by New Zealand when the Gay Marriage bill was passed.   WHITE was there to capture the celebration the first Same Sex marriages on 19th August 2013.

The Edge radio station hosted one of their infamous wedding competitions, this time inviting one male couple and one female couple to be in the race to become the first legally married sex same couple.   After a nationwide search Jess Ivess and Rachel Briscoe from the Bay of Islands and Richard Rawstorn and Richard Andrew from Christchurch were chosen by The Edge listeners for an all-expenses paid wedding.  The day was covered by a frenzy of national and international media, featuring live broadcasts on radio and TV.  In true Edge fashion, it was an exciting, chaotic, fun and frivolous affair situated in the beautiful Rotorua Museum and surrounding gardens.

It was a privilege to be a part of this significant day in New Zealand history.   


Check out the official wedding photos by Dillon Photography


Wedding Day Sponsors

Promoter/Wedding planner: The Edge   Wedding Cake: Sweet Bites Cake
Photographer: Dillon Photography   Photobooth: Snap Daddy Photobooths
Venue: Rotorua Museum   Official Magazine: New Idea
Celebrant:Sarah Bloxham   Media Coverage: 20/20
Caterer: The Blue Baths   Stationery: Alyssandra Striking Stationery
Brides dressed by: Miss 2 Mrs   Craft Beer: Croucher Brewing Co
Grooms dressed by: Hallenstein Brothers   Wine: Mills Reef Winery
Hairstylist: Vivo Hair & Beauty   Event hire:
Florist: Daisy Chain Florist   Confetti: Church Confetti
Jeweller: Glen James Jewellers   Limousines: Xquizit
Commercial Fashion Shoot: Brain Foose    




Every Single Day


For our last destination wedding in the Far North, Lisa and Dan exchanged their vows in the idyllic Karikari Peninsula.   The secluded shores of Whatuwhiwhi Beach provided a picturesque backdrop for the ceremony overlooking clear turquoise seas, followed by an enchanting reception in Karikari Estate Winery’s Barrel Room. It was so well suited to their casual but elegant wedding.

Lisa and Dan took on a lot of the final wedding tasks themselves and when editing the footage I was reminded just how relaxed they were and how smoothly everything went for them.   While Lisa and her bridesmaids busied themselves doing each other’s hair and make-up, Dan was in charge of the setting up the ceremony. Armed with rakes, saws and a cricket bat, the groomsmen set to work clearing debris and preparing a make-shift aisle in the caramel sands, yet they still managed to find time for fun in the sea before the ceremony.

The ceremony reflected Lisa and Dan's casual theme with a touch of class perfectly.  Overlooking the clear sparkling waters, Dan with is trousers rolled up and Lisa with an exquisite gown with bare feet, exchanged their vows in front of an intimate group of family and friends.

Their reception at Karikari Estate’s Barrel Room was transformed into a magical romantic wonderland with twinkling fairy lights, candelabras, rustic place settings set amongst wine barrels.  Dan’s speech was a breath-taking reflection of a truly lovely couple and provided the perfect narrative for their highlight film.  As Dan so beautifully puts it…

“I have always made my attentions known, to fall in love, to enjoy each other’s company, to have kids, to build a life together… things I just know we will do together”


The Next Chapter

Its been a theme of our season this year as we have been asked to head up to Northland to the stunning Bay Of Islands on 3 occasions.  Sarah and Alastair’s wedding was the first of these three and really, Mr T (Travis) and I did not really know what to expect.

What greeted us was quite possibly one of the most amazing wedding weekends we could have ever imagined.

But first a little about Sarah & Alastair.  Sarah and Al met in their Uni days and 9 years later they are tying the knot.  These two are adventurous and fun, and hanging out with them and their family and friends on the day of their wedding, not to mention the day before and the day after, was simply wonderful. For Sarah and Al their wedding day was all about their friends and family, a simple chance to be with the people that mean the most to them.

With destination weddings its easy to film a little extra of the preparations and the organising of the day before.  Its a chance to capture some footage we normally would not have the chance to capture, and a chance to tell more of the story of a couple’s day.

So on the 10th of January we headed to the Duke of Marlborough for the setup and preparations at New Zealand's first Hotel.  With a stunning floral “wall” being prepared, and built by Sarah’s Dad Chris, this was the perfect chance to show what sort of effort went into preparing for this wedding.

Getting Married in Russell is no mean feat, with nearly every supplier being brought in from Auckland for the day.  Its a logistical exercise not for the faint hearted and for Sarah & Al’s wedding day, enlisting the help of Gayle from Exquisite Weddings meant it all went off without a hitch ‘We brought in all manner of suppliers, staff etc.  for the wedding we essentially had three venues to take care of, the Church, the Reception Venue and then the family home for the After Party the following day.”

But central to all of this planning and effort, for Sarah and Al was their family and friends.

What stands out for me is their sincerity, the beautifully written and delivered speeches and the simply stunning day that the Bay of Islands turned on.  This was a wedding for the memory banks.

A beautiful day, a stunning location and a simply wonderful couple.  All the ingredients for a beautiful destination wedding film.

As part of their package as well, we produced a Next Day Edit for Sarah & Al that was played the next day at lunch to all their guests.  The tears flowed as the memories of the day before were played out in front of Sarah & Al , and for us it was simply amazing to see peoples reactions to the film.

And finally, its always wonderful to get people's feedback on their wedding films and these are the comments that came through to us from Sarah and her mother Dayle,

“What a fantastic record, plus it is so brilliant to see it from a different view, catch those lip trembling moments and glances that we would otherwise have never seen.
I love all of the films, the highlight video is fantastic also – it just makes me want to do it all over again!!! – and have recommended to any of my friends getting married to have it videoed – it is seriously the most valuable thing and can just keep on reliving those memories. So thank you so much… I can only imagine how much time and effort has gone into creating these for us.”

“I have spent the weekend as a complete emotional wreck watching the video of Sarah and Alastair’s wedding.
It is truly fantastic right from the beginning – capturing Russell in the morning before wedding and continuing right through covering absolutely everything until the evening.  You did an amazing job of filming Al and Sarah and capturing their feelings and emotions both towards each other and their enjoyment of everything about the wedding.”



Industry leading professionals located

We are feeling especially honoured to have been invited into ‘The Wedding Associates’ hand-picked selected list of preferred wedding providers.

It’s a huge undertaking organising your wedding, you can only really rely on either your gut feeling or word and mouth when selecting your venue and suppliers, in hope that everything will run smoothly on the day.  The Wedding Associates enables you to have confidence in your selection by pointing you in the right direction when choosing a supplier that is a well-known, industry leading professional.

For the crème de la crème of wedding venues, wedding dress designers, hair and make-up, cars, entertainment, photographers, videographers…. The list goes on.  All of the suppliers listed with The Wedding Associates are recognised as the best in the industry, are truly passionate about their services or products.

We have worked with the majority of suppliers or providers and more than often are recommending them or being recommended by them, because like us, they too are experienced and fanatical about what they deliver.


For more information check out The Wedding Associates web page or follow them on Facebook.

Kimberley & James: All Smiles & Laughter

This is such a fun and gorgeous preview trailer for James & Kimberley. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to use James’s speech as the narration for this video. Even if you don't know our delightful couple, you can't help but smile and laugh with them, as you capture a glimpse of their wedding day with their gorgeous little girl Lilly. 

"Scream!! Just watched our Wedding trailer! LOVEEEEE IT!!! Man that is an amazing job guys! So much thanks! Thanks for capturing the best day of our lives! So excited I’ve jumped up and down when sharing it! YAY!!!   THANKS A MILLION xx" How cool. Thanks Kimberley


Anna Schimmel: European Bridal Designer

I have long admired and revered Anna Schimmel's work.  It is simply exquisite, and so when we approached Anna with the idea of producing a little film for her about herself and her company we were simply thrilled when she ran with the idea.

It's taken a long time to put this together, to arrange the filming days, organise brides-to-be who are willing to be filmed through fittings and trials etc and to finally produce this gorgeous film for Anna.

The project started with a clear direction: Detail.  One of the hallmarks of an Anna Schimmel gown is its detail.  And not just detail in the sense of lace and decorations, but also detail from a craftsmanship and tailoring point of view.  Each gown is custom designed and the sewn specifically to fit each individual bride.  Their gown is "them". It has never been created before and is a one of a kind, there is no "off the rack" with anything from Anna Schimmel and so her style and skill, I believe, is unsurpassed in New Zealand.

What becomes clear through this film is just how personal the experience is for Anna, her team, and their clients.  It is about the ‘Anna Schimmel Experience’, from first contact through to wearing their gown on the day of their wedding. Each bride is made to feel special, through the utmost care, respect and attention that Anna and her team extend to her.

Anna's team are simply awesome as well, putting in long hours, particularly over the busy summer period to ensure that the craftsmanship is kept impeccably high and that all brides get their gowns on time and as they expect them. 

This was a film that was made with passion, which believe me that is easy for us to do when someone like Anna has such an infectious passion and love for her own work.  We are very proud of this little film and have been so privileged to work with her over the last 12 months on what we feel captures the essence of Anna Schimmel:  European Bridal Designer.


Summer of Love

We are in the midst of a euphoric season, and are delighted that we have been invited to film so many beautiful weddings.  The Bay of Islands has been a popular destination venue, with three of our weddings located in the picturesque region.

Sarah & Alastair: Next Day Edit

This was one of our visits to the historic Bay of Islands region and it was also our first request for a next day edit.  It was a stunning day in Russell, giving us the opportunity to capture the sparkling blue seas lapping on the shore and incorporate New Zealand’s first Christ Church, followed by the reception at the equally historic Duke of Marlborough.  The challenge was met to have a ‘Next Day Edit’ to be shown at the newlyweds function the following day.  We were blown away with the excitement the viewing created amongst their friends and family who were still enjoying the buzz of the wedding weekend.

Yasmin & Shannon: Enchanted

We had a marvellous day witnessing the joyous union of the Iranian and Kiwi cultures.  With the lavender theme running throughout the day with the attire and decorations, this wedding film takes us on an enchanting journey through Yasmin & Shannon’s wedding day.  This wedding is a real example of how love knows no boundaries.

Kelly & Paul: A ‘Ferry’ Tale

We started the shoot the day prior to the wedding with Kelly & Paul taking a quiet romantic trip to Russell for an ice cream, followed by capturing snippets of the rehearsal.   The following day turned on an absolute beauty combining stunning scenery with the beautiful historic St Paul's Anglican Church, Paiha. 

Jason & Jane – This Love is Magic

This was a fun and frivolous day starting with a first look meeting at Bastion Point before heading into the heart of Cornwall Park for an amazing creative shoot.  This was followed by a magical ceremony beside the lake at the beautiful Zen Garden, Whitford.

Nicola & Jason: No More Sleeps!!!


For Nicola and Jason this was their second time around to get married.  But you would not have guessed it.  The excitement, love and passion that these two have for each other is completely infectious and the lauging and giggling these two exhibit on the day is one thing I will always remember.  I always thought it was just children who count down the "Sleeps" to Christmas and Birthdays etc, so to see and hear that theses two were counting down the sleeps was just too funny and cute.  What a joy this day was, what a completely beautiful couple and it just goes to show that it is never to late to find that someone special!!! Enjoy.

Cinematography:  Jolyon Ludbrook, Randall Hedges


Acension Vineyard:


Sush & Ossian: God Gave Me You

Sush & Ossian: How do you start to describe two of the most lovely people you could ever meet?  Well im not sure you do!  You just have to meet them.

Sush and Ossian's story is one of the truly romantic and serendipitous story's you find in the movies and you can see from the way these two are together that their love and passion fo reach other is bubbling over.  With a deep faith in God and wonderful families and freinds to surround them on their Autumn wedding day, Sush and Ossian's beginning in Married life kicks off with a real sense of excitement and love.

Check out Sush & Ossians fantastic wedding album from the girls at The Lauren & Delwyn project: Sush & Ossian Wedding Album


Gayle Garmez: Exquisite Weddings

The Lauren & Delwyn Project:

Okahu, Mission Bay:

Shot by:

Jolyon Ludbrook

Janice Lecias (thanks Janice)

Edited by:

Jolyon Ludbrook

Nadia & Cameron: On a Black Sand Beach

On a Black Sand Beach: Nadia and Cameron come from opposite ends of the world but their story is one of Love, Honesty and Passion.

On the stunning west coast of Auckland, Muriwai and Maori Bay, Nadia and Cameron had their First Look meeting in the sunshine of this most spectacular coastline.

We love First Looks! and you can see the love and feel the emotion of these two when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day up overlooking Maori Bay. And then when Cameron sees Nadia Walking down the isle at Gracehill for their Ceremony you can again see the emotion and love in his eyes.

Always laughing, always smiling, this is a film that captures the emotion and beauty of a wonderful couple.

Dillon Photography;
Gracehill Vineyard;

Shot by:
Jolyon Ludbrook
Stephanie Killip (Thanks Steph!)

Edited by:
Jolyon Ludbrook

At the End of the World: Sarah & Steve Engagement

At the End of the World:  With the Mayan calander coming to end in December this year and the predicted "End of the World" Sarah and Steve decided to go all out on their creative Engagement Shoot.

Amanda Wignell ( & I met Sarah & Steve onsite at Transpacific in Mt Wellington, Auckland.  Not your usual or typical Engagement Shoot location, Sarah and Steve wanted an "industrial" feeling and looking shoot, and boy did this surprise and excite us when we got there.  We quickly got into the groove of a rustic, boy meets girl kind of shoot and that then became the "End of the World" theme you see here.

The song we found "End of the World" by Ingrid Michaelson (licensed through could not have been a better fit and tells exactly the story we hoped to tell through the visuals.

We had so much fun making this short film with Sarah & Steve.  Its certainly different and we love different.  Its also a wonderful thing to think about "where would you meet your other half at the end of the world".  LOVE!

Check out Amanda's Slide show of photos below:

End of the World from Amanda Wignell Photography on Vimeo.



Becky & Andrew: On a Night Like This

Becky & Andrew, well where do we start. What an amazing, beautiful couple and what a gorgeous day this was. The wind blew and the rain threatened but as can so often be the case, the weather held firm for what was a stunning day and is a stunning film. Becky is English and Andrew a Kiwi and hearing their story of meeting and falling in love is captured in the gorgeous film.

What made this wedding extra special for us was that Becky & Andrew had chosen to do a Save the Date film in late 2011, so we had gotten to know them quite well and new this would be a great day.

Becky’s Mum said to me on their wedding day that she watched this little film every day, at least once and just loved it. Crazy! But I guess when your daughter lives on the other side of the world, its one way of keeping in touch.

Here is Becky & Andrews Save Date film:

And here are Becky’s comments on seeing the wedding film for the first time:

“WOW WOW WOW! Jolyon, the film is amazing. Andrew and I just sat and re-lived our wedding day moment by moment. You have captured so many special moments that we have either forgotten or got missed in the excitement and fast pace of the day. Mum has seen it already, and will no doubt now watch this one every day too! The quality is exceptional, watching it on blu ray made it feel like we were watching ourselves in a movie! We can’t thank you enough for providing an amazing service, and a priceless memory. It is a truly beautiful film and one we will treasure forever. Thank you for capturing our special day for us.”

Becky & Andrews Wedding Film with:

Cinematography: WHITE Wedding Films
Photography: Fine Photography
Make Up & Hair: Ashlee Kellet,
Venue: Cassels,

Becky & Andrews Save the Date Film with:
Cinematography: WHITE Wedding Films
Photography: Dillon Photography
Hair & Makeup: Nikki Collett