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Anna Schimmel: European Bridal Designer

I have long admired and revered Anna Schimmel's work.  It is simply exquisite, and so when we approached Anna with the idea of producing a little film for her about herself and her company we were simply thrilled when she ran with the idea.

It's taken a long time to put this together, to arrange the filming days, organise brides-to-be who are willing to be filmed through fittings and trials etc and to finally produce this gorgeous film for Anna.

The project started with a clear direction: Detail.  One of the hallmarks of an Anna Schimmel gown is its detail.  And not just detail in the sense of lace and decorations, but also detail from a craftsmanship and tailoring point of view.  Each gown is custom designed and the sewn specifically to fit each individual bride.  Their gown is "them". It has never been created before and is a one of a kind, there is no "off the rack" with anything from Anna Schimmel and so her style and skill, I believe, is unsurpassed in New Zealand.

What becomes clear through this film is just how personal the experience is for Anna, her team, and their clients.  It is about the ‘Anna Schimmel Experience’, from first contact through to wearing their gown on the day of their wedding. Each bride is made to feel special, through the utmost care, respect and attention that Anna and her team extend to her.

Anna's team are simply awesome as well, putting in long hours, particularly over the busy summer period to ensure that the craftsmanship is kept impeccably high and that all brides get their gowns on time and as they expect them. 

This was a film that was made with passion, which believe me that is easy for us to do when someone like Anna has such an infectious passion and love for her own work.  We are very proud of this little film and have been so privileged to work with her over the last 12 months on what we feel captures the essence of Anna Schimmel:  European Bridal Designer.


Summer of Love

We are in the midst of a euphoric season, and are delighted that we have been invited to film so many beautiful weddings.  The Bay of Islands has been a popular destination venue, with three of our weddings located in the picturesque region.

Sarah & Alastair: Next Day Edit

This was one of our visits to the historic Bay of Islands region and it was also our first request for a next day edit.  It was a stunning day in Russell, giving us the opportunity to capture the sparkling blue seas lapping on the shore and incorporate New Zealand’s first Christ Church, followed by the reception at the equally historic Duke of Marlborough.  The challenge was met to have a ‘Next Day Edit’ to be shown at the newlyweds function the following day.  We were blown away with the excitement the viewing created amongst their friends and family who were still enjoying the buzz of the wedding weekend.

Yasmin & Shannon: Enchanted

We had a marvellous day witnessing the joyous union of the Iranian and Kiwi cultures.  With the lavender theme running throughout the day with the attire and decorations, this wedding film takes us on an enchanting journey through Yasmin & Shannon’s wedding day.  This wedding is a real example of how love knows no boundaries.

Kelly & Paul: A ‘Ferry’ Tale

We started the shoot the day prior to the wedding with Kelly & Paul taking a quiet romantic trip to Russell for an ice cream, followed by capturing snippets of the rehearsal.   The following day turned on an absolute beauty combining stunning scenery with the beautiful historic St Paul's Anglican Church, Paiha. 

Jason & Jane – This Love is Magic

This was a fun and frivolous day starting with a first look meeting at Bastion Point before heading into the heart of Cornwall Park for an amazing creative shoot.  This was followed by a magical ceremony beside the lake at the beautiful Zen Garden, Whitford.