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Sindy & Trent: Bora Bora, Tahiti


Its not often that an unbelievable email comes through asking if you would go to an exotic location like Bora Bora in Tahiti to film a wedding, so when it does I tend to take things with a slight grain of salt!

Now wedding film making has taken me to the Pacific Islands, Australia, Europe (I'm yet to go to America…..anyone….please?) and of course all over New Zealand but to get asked to go to Bora Bora, a place I was certain only existed in our dreams, was kind of unbelievable.  Of course when the email from Trent came through I replied with excitement and hope!!  It would be simply incredible to go to Bora Bora to shoot Trent and Sindy's Wedding.

When I did'nt hear back for a few days I had more or less given it away as too good to be true, but then an email came through that Yes he and Sindy would love me to go to Bora Bora to capture their wedding for them.  There was only one small caveat:  "There are only 6 of us in the party".  Oh!  Ok! So it was a small wedding, that made sense as the travel factor would have played a big part in that! So how could we turn Trent and Sindy's wedding into a complete wedding film?

It was then that Traditional Style Wedding Film got thrown out the door and in came a "Travel/Holiday/Wedding Film".

So with a little more back and forth on the email front it was all arranged (By the way the intital email only came three weeks prior to their wedding date) and I boarded a flight from Auckland to Papaete on the Friday and transferred to Bora Bora.  To my sheer delight Bora Bora was everything it was cracked up to be, it was simply stunning and unbelievable at the same time.  I was transported to the Intercontinental Hotel Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa and put up in an exquisite over water Bure.  

Now I'd never met Trent & Sindy and had no idea what they even looked like but it did not take long for them to spot me with my camera in hand and I soon met two of the most relaxed and fun people ever.  I was introduced to the "Wedding Party"  Trents Parents, Brother and Sindy's best friend and before too long (with cocktail in hand which they made absolutely sure I had plenty of inspite of my protestations of wanting to keep the camera straight and in focus!! LOL) I set about filming their Holiday/Wedding.

That first day was about relaxation, spa's, beach time, Sting Ray feeding (OMG! Amazing!!) and dinner that night all of which I covered.

The Saturday was the big day.  In France, we were in French Polynesia after all, you first have to go to the Community Court House to have your nuptuals confirmed or ratified by the towns Mayor.  So an early morning boat trip ensued to the main island across the lagoon.  

On return to the Resort we all began the waiting game for the afternoons Polynesian Wedding Ceremony in the small onsite Chapel.  Typically I shot the boys and girls pre wedding preparations before moving to the chapel in preparation for the ceremony.  The ceremony was an intimate and gorgeous affair with the sun shining in the Chapel and the Bora Bora mountain behind.

The evenings dinner was quiet and intimate before I retired to my Bure for the night after a long but stunning day.

The next day, Sunday, there was a fishing trip scheduled to relax and hopefully catch our lunch.  Not much lunch was caught but the encounter with Migrating Wales and Dolphins was something never to be forgotten.

With my job done and the footage in the bag it was now time for a little down time before my flight out of Bora Bora.  I had a few hours to enjoy another cocktail and the resorts pool before I left.

Thanks to Trent and Sindy I had been absolutely spoiled for 3 days, it was hard work, but somehow hard work in an environment like that just does not equate and it really felt like a long weekend in paradise doing what I love! Trent and Sindy and the family were all so accomodating and friendly and I was made to feel like one of the guests, included in everything and able to enjoy my time filming their Holiday/Wedding and everything that went along with it.

Bora Bora is Paradise on Earth, no question in my mind about that and what a treat it was to be able to go there for Trent and Sindy.  

In the final washup of post production I created a full length Wedding Feature Film (Below) and a Highlight Film (Above) for shorter attention spans.  Theirs is a very cool story, a different story and a wonderful look back at a wonderful holiday and a beautiful wedding.

Thank you Sindy and Trent for something I will never forget.