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At the End of the World: Sarah & Steve Engagement


At the End of the World:  With the Mayan calander coming to end in December this year and the predicted "End of the World" Sarah and Steve decided to go all out on their creative Engagement Shoot.

Amanda Wignell ( & I met Sarah & Steve onsite at Transpacific in Mt Wellington, Auckland.  Not your usual or typical Engagement Shoot location, Sarah and Steve wanted an "industrial" feeling and looking shoot, and boy did this surprise and excite us when we got there.  We quickly got into the groove of a rustic, boy meets girl kind of shoot and that then became the "End of the World" theme you see here.

The song we found "End of the World" by Ingrid Michaelson (licensed through could not have been a better fit and tells exactly the story we hoped to tell through the visuals.

We had so much fun making this short film with Sarah & Steve.  Its certainly different and we love different.  Its also a wonderful thing to think about "where would you meet your other half at the end of the world".  LOVE!

Check out Amanda's Slide show of photos below:

End of the World from Amanda Wignell Photography on Vimeo.