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Highlights Of Our Past Wedding Season


It’s November!!! WOW!! Where did the year go?? And as the new wedding season is fast approaching I felt it was a good time to recap on last year’s wedding season and wedding films.

Last year was one of the busiest seasons I have had in years, for many reasons but not least of which was the destination weddings we were asked to film.  Whilst most of my work revolves around Auckland this last wedding season took us up to the far north on no less than 3 occasions.

First there was this absolutely classical beauty of Sarah & Al’s wedding in the historical town of Russell.  I will always remember this wedding for the simply stunning locations and private property we were privileged to film in.  It was a simply beautiful day about a couple who have been together “forever” and will be into the future.

“The Next Chapter” presents a beatiful location, a beautiful couple and a beautiful story of love and togetherness.


The next wedding up north saw us cross the sea to Paihia for Kelly and Paul’s wedding day.  This was a day of fun and friendship, a day to enjoy the wonders of family and friends.  


And finally one of the highlights of the season for me personally was Lisa & Dan’s typical Kiwi beach wedding.  The presence of Jandals, 4WDs, Cricket Bats and Balls and of course, Heineken, show how typically down to earth these guys are.  But their day was one that was filled with genuine love and hope for the future.  

“Every Single Day” is a story of being in love, remaining in love, and loving each other each and every day.  It is a beautiful mix of stunning locations, beautiful people, relaxed and sincere words and …… well…… Jandal’s and Cricket bats!!! What more could you want!!!


So whilst Northland provided the backdrop for these three stunning weekends, Auckland typically turned on some simply stunning films as well.

I have never before seen The Auckland Museum dressed like this, and in Laura and Tims wedding film “FAB:MMM” you will see something stunning that these guys put together with the help of Wedding Planner Extraordinaire Gayle Garmez.

“But”, you might ask, “What on earth does FAB:MMM mean?”.  Well to answer that you will need to watch the film.  I must say that this was one of the best FOB speeches I have ever heard (A little hint in there for you too!!!!)  Enjoy.


It was also a spectacular summer weather wise, and whilst the farmers may not agree, having all that beautiful fine weather made my job that much more enjoyable and certainly made for some stunning cinematography.

In Rajiv and Pratiksha’s wedding film “100 Candles” the scene was set with a beautiful day on Auckland’s Waterfront.  Nothing beats the Waterfront on a day like this and this season there were many of them.  But what captured my imagination about these two was the wonderful engagement story they shared during their ceremony.


And finally just to show that the weather really does not matter a jot when it comes to a wedding and being in love, Em & Reggies film is one of my favourites from last season.

Presented with a beautifully styled reception venue incorporating a rustic style which included an old fashioned Typewriter, we were able to fashion and include a series of live action titles to assist with the story and to really personalise this truly unique wedding film.

Love & Sociology is a beautiful story of a couple who fell in love and the film captures a stunning day on one of the few wet days this summer in Auckland.  


Well that's a quick recap of the last season as the new season approaches.  This time around its only 15 Weddings as my maximum so I can continue to create stunning works of art for my couples and their families.

A big thank you to all my couples, for your patience and support over the last year or so.  Its been pleasure producing these films and I cannot wait to get stuck in to this seasons films soon too.

Aroha nui