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Nicola & Richard: The Tagistons


Nicola & Richard:  The Tagistons

In over twelve years of filming weddings I’ve seen brides and grooms take each others names for a double barrelled surname or the bride follows the age old tradition of taking her husbands last name. Nicola & Richard are different. Both of them have strong beliefs in equality in their relationship and in life, and so they decided to combine not only their lives in marriage but also their surnames. What they came up with was Tagiston, a clever combination of their maiden surnames that reflects not only who they are but also the formation of a new family. 

Both Nicola and Richard are meticulous planners who put an amazing amount of effort into everything they do.  And their wedding day was simply the pinnacle of this meticulous planning.  A terrific example of this planning and indeed creativity was their design and development of a pop out cardboard Pah Homestead paper model for their invitation.

With their Ceremony and Reception held at Pah Homestead on the lawn out the back and their reception in the Marquee beside, everything was in one place making for a relaxing day for them and their guests.

However the day started with a first look, and we simply LOVE First Looks.  So after filming the girls getting ready we headed to Eden Gardens at the base of Mt Eden.  Now Nicola and Richard are both nutters for reality Television, especially The Bachelor, and so Richard had presented a card to Nicola inviting her to meet him in a “nice dress” at 1:00pm.

Richard waited there with a Red Rose, just as in the TV programme, as Nicola approached to tap him on the shoulder.

There really is no need to say anymore other than this day had it all, sentimentality with Nicola's Grandmother composing and reading a poem for them both during the ceremony, beautiful words spoken to each other, fun at the first look and photoshoot, and emotion and love during the reception in so many more ways than usual.  

Their film is one that is full of sentimentality, love and laughter.  Enjoy!