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Sarah & Rob: Team Love!


Sarah's a Kiwi and Rob's an Aussie!!  Normally thats a recipe for competition and sparring but Sarah & Rob have combined to create Team Love!!

And what a way to describe two of the happiest, most positive, friendliest people you could ever hope to meet!

I first met Sarah over coffee down in Mission Bay and was immediately taken by her warm and friendly nature and bubbly personality.  This was going to be a fun day!  So prior to the wedding we all caught up for a prewedding drink followed by a short "engagement" style shoot down at St Heliers on Auckland's waterfront.  Anyone who knows Auckland's waterfront knows how gorgeous it is here during the long summer evenings.  But that came second to the warmth and love of these two.  They just oozed gorgeousness and we were all laughing that night as we shot the prewedding footage.

Come the Saturday the weather turned on a cracker.  It was hot! So starting at the girls it was just constant laughter and funtimes.  Of course Sarah is a gorgeous woman so shooting her getting ready was very very easy. Priscilla, my second shooter joined the boys in the buildup and with Rob being a personal trainer, exercise was bound to happen! and sure enough out came the handstand pressups and pullups etc.

Out at Abbeyville Estate for the ceremony guests gathered under the large tree and took Pollaroid photos and sipped on lemonade as they waited for the bride to arrive.  And of course when she did gasps rang through them all.

Walking down the isle was particularly special for Sarah as her dad has suffered from illness several times and on both occasions she thought he might not make it to walk her down the isle.  Well he did and that special moment is etched on everyone's memory from their wedding day.

With the reception following some heartfelt speeches were given and there was plenty of laughter as there had been all day long, but it was their first dance that really stole show, not only for its elegance and beauty but for the connection you can clearly see between these two.  Hence it features early on in their film.

And come the end of the night on bidding Sarah and Rob farewell Sarah jumped at me with a full on bear hug!! Now ive got to say that it's the first time I've been jumped on as a thankyou by one of our brides, but then according to Sarah's friends and family, her Hugs are the stuff of LEGEND!! I can now certainly agree with that!

Here is what Sarah said on seeing her Highlight film above for the first time "Rob and I are both in tears!!! That was absolutely beautiful and we couldn't be happier. The most cherished keepsake we have (apart from each other!). We are just speechless."  Nice!  What a pleasure this was to film.  Sometimes I pinch myself at being able to be at peoples special day and then being entrusted to create for them a timeless and beautiful keepsake film.  This was one of those days!


Photography by Jody at I Do Photography

Sarah's Dress by Vera Wang

Venue:  Abbeyville Estate

Celebrant:  Rochelle Fleming