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Sush & Ossian: God Gave Me You


Sush & Ossian: How do you start to describe two of the most lovely people you could ever meet?  Well im not sure you do!  You just have to meet them.

Sush and Ossian's story is one of the truly romantic and serendipitous story's you find in the movies and you can see from the way these two are together that their love and passion fo reach other is bubbling over.  With a deep faith in God and wonderful families and freinds to surround them on their Autumn wedding day, Sush and Ossian's beginning in Married life kicks off with a real sense of excitement and love.

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The Lauren & Delwyn Project:

Okahu, Mission Bay:

Shot by:

Jolyon Ludbrook

Janice Lecias (thanks Janice)

Edited by:

Jolyon Ludbrook