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Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy!

So grab some munchies and a drink and hang out here a little while to see the kind of wedding films I produce. Each of the films here is a Highlight Film meaning that it's between 4-7 minutes long and has been cut from the couples Feature Film. They give you a great overview of how a wedding film might look.

I’m always up for a challenge so if you have your own ideas I’d love to discuss these with you to produce something that is truly uniquely you!


Nicola & Richard

In over twelve years of filming weddings I've seen brides and grooms take each other's names for a double-barrelled surname or the bride follows the age-old tradition of taking her husband's last name. Nicola & Richard are different. Both of them with strong beliefs in equality in their relationship and in life they decided to combine not only their lives in marriage but also their surnames. What they came up with was Tagiston, a clever combination of their maiden surnames that reflects not only who they are but also the formation of a new family. Their film is one that is full of sentimentality, love and laughter.

Eve & Joe

Eve & Joe lived out everybody's dream by having their wedding in the middle of winter in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. White Video was contacted to capture not only their wedding day but also the days surrounding the wedding as guests spent time with every other over the week. Eve had planned many amazing activities for the guests and everybody including us left with a nice shiny tan!


Emily & Richard

Emily & Richard's is a wonderful classic story of how two people fell in love at university. They met during their sociology class and their relationship blossomed as the years went on. What I love about this film is that is was one of the few wet days that summer and so our photo shoot options were very limited for what we call our "money" shots. Emily had put an amazing amount of effort and creativity into the styling of their day and the addition of an old-fashioned typewriter was the perfect catalyst for some from a filmmaking point of view. We took this idea and used some of the notes that the guests had typed to assist in telling their unique and beautiful love story.