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We were honoured to be asked by Bride&Groom Magazine to provide them with an article on Selecting a Wedding Videographer for issue number 63. Written by Susan, the article outlines what to look for, expected prices, and many of the details you need to know when choosing the company to film your wedding day.

After all those months of planning, when the big day finally arrives, it seems to be over in a flash. You and your beloved won’t notice many of the details that you’ve spent months planning or the behind-the-scenes happenings. A wedding video will preserve all the special moments of your day, including those you missed, and let you relive every wondrous moment at your leisure.

When considering who to use as a wedding videographer it’s useful to keep a few things in mind. What was your initial impression when you first made contact? Does the company seem professional and respond to your questions quickly? If not, then the video company is probably not professional, and may just be a weekend hobby or part-time job. This could mean the total service and end product might not be of a high standard. Also, do you want a video company that will ‘direct’ you in front of the camera, or are you looking for a more natural and unobtrusive style? The editing styles of wedding video companies vary tremendously – some use lots of editing techniques that may date quickly, while others use techniques that are timeless and classic.

You may have heard about the importance of two or more cameras being used on the wedding day. However, multiple cameras do not guarantee you a better video. In some cases, the second camera may be used to cover up mistakes. If a video company is professional and trained in the special nature of wedding videography, they know how to work hard on the day to capture all of the special moments that happen. Often multiple cameras cause confusion on the day, and are less discreet, as the camera people cannot simply blend into the background. If a company does offer two or more cameras, ensure they have an operator for each, as a ‘static’ (unmanned) camera is pretty worthless. It cannot react to the events unfolding, change angles or adjust sound and picture quality if necessary. Make sure each videographer involved on the day has a set plan, and knows exactly what and where they are shooting. Read the full Article >>